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Ardour is a multi-channel digital audio workstation, allowing users to record, edit, mix and master audio and MIDI projects. It is targeted at audio engineers, musicians, soundtrack editors and composers.

Currently both backends are supported on NetBSD: ALSA and Jack.

Kernel drivers porting for NetBSD to interact with professional music hardware are under development.


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    I’m actually really confused how these submissions keep getting votes. Sure it’s interesting, but it’s just screenshots.

    Are you porting these yourself? Or just installing ports? Is the source available? Is there a writeup on the process of porting it?

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        I don’t know that it is enough. The screenshot is fine as proof, but as an actual submission, it seems entirely uninteresting.

        What discussion does the screenshot create? Why is this interesting beyond the surface level for someone who isn’t entirely aware of NetBSD and how active it may or may not be?

        I applaud you explaining parts of that above, but the submission on its own isn’t terribly interesting, and seems more like spam than a real submission. Especially when you post a bunch of screenshots and not much else.

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      Flagged. I applaud your work, but this is just a picture!