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For the last year or so I’ve been building a checklist management app for teams called Firesub.

The idea is to help make recurring tasks easy to remember and perform in a consistent way across the team.

It is an app that let you create and manage checklists that you and your team can follow whenever you need to perform a repetitive task like marketing, customer onboarding, new employee onboarding etc.

There is a ton of awesome features like assign people to checklists, scheduled checklists, email notifications when checklists is completed and so on, too much to write here, so please “check it” out.

I would love to hear what you think!



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    I love this idea! A few years ago a friend of mine and I built this application called, “Managing the minutia.” The idea was that concepts were easy to get right, but most of the time was spent in the details. Similarly, most of our time isn’t usually spent on big things, it’s spent on thousands of small things. It made sense to us to build something to manage the thousands of small things. Cheers to you, looks good. p.s. we ran into too many details to make ours work ;)

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      Thanks bmercer!

      I agree with you to be mindful of every new feature and change that could make the product more complicated. I have a clear vision on what I want Firesub to be, so that helps me when deciding on new features.

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      Can’t you use federated authentication instead of forcing people to create yet another username and password?

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        This is a good idea. We have this on our road map, first we want to support Google Apps and Microsoft authentication and then we will see where to go from there.

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          Those two will probably suffice for most things but LinkedIn seems worth doing too.

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            Yes, LinkedIn is also in the same category of people, teams and companies this product is targeting. Thanks for pointing that out.

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        This brings up memories. I created a checklist management app 5 years ago, when I was just starting to experiment with products. There was zero uptake (it didn’t have as many features but I don’t think that’s the reason). I hope that the OP has done better research and has lined up some customers before implementing the product!

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          Thanks alexkorban.

          I hope it takes off. I believe the reusable aspect of the product is enough of a niche to make it stand out against all other todo-apps and project management apps. But it’s to early to tell.

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          Tried the web app, couldn’t find the automation features you sell on the home page. Not bad for a team checklist, but still lacks communication features. Something like Asana but able to define template processes, automation and dependencies would rock.

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            Thanks rpc.

            I agree with you that triggers and outcomes is hard to find.

            Here’s how to use them.

            To add triggers and outcomes to a template, go to your team, then click on the template you want to add triggers and outcomes to.
            On the top right corner there is a icon with three vertical dots, click on that to show a menu, there you will se two options, "Set triggers" and "Set outcomes". 
            Use this options to add triggers and outcomes to the template.

            We are looking into how we can make this much easier.

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              Good. Another feature request: more than once, the outcome of a task is some kind of file/content (a document, a design, a image file…). I don’t know if some kind of attachment is planned, at least as a URL, as a “soft precondition” for task completion.

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                I don’t know if you’re talking about outcomes for a howl checklist or the outcome of a task. So I answer for both.

                It’s an awesome idea to be able to attach some content to the outcome of a checklist. Currently we support something called “Result outcome” for checklists, this means you can add a couple of results a user must choose from before marking a checklist as completed. E.g Approved or Not approved, or Successful or Failed and so on. But adding the ability to attach content, like a large text, url or file would make it much more powerful.

                For individual tasks with a checklist we are working on adding the same “Result outcome” as for a checklist. So you can set a task as “On hold”, “Working on”, or “Completed” and so on.

                And of course you add these results yourself, you can add up to 10 possible results for a task or checklist.

                Thanks rpc for the good idea! I'l be sure to add it to our backlog.

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                  Beware, that’s just an engineer view of task management! :D

                  Once and again, we find this two situations in Asana: We have a template, just a task list, with assignees in the titles (so tasks are not assigned until later). It’s very manual, and the “outcomes” that should trigger the next task don’t have a clear place to live in. There is some “task dependency” support in Asana, but it’s useless. Things like https://flowplane.com are too complex and external to be of use.

                  The ideal would be to have some kind of sequencial, outcome-based dependency that only sets a task as active when the previous one is complete. This might be easier to model visually, and the linear case covers most needs (for parallel you could use task group based dependencies).

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                    I see, it’s ha tough balance between functionality and simplicity. So every new feature needs a huge amount of consideration.

                    As I see it, the automation aspect is “plugged in” to either the trigger (start a new checklist) or the outcome (complete the checklist) between this two there is the checklist with tasks that people have to complete. I'l focus on making better automation and 3rd party integration on the trigger and outcome side of the service, keeping the checklist part as clean and simple as possible.

                    This is the plan anyway. And if I get feature request from people using the product I will of course take that into account.

                    Thanks again for well thought out feedback!

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