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    Cool, thanks for this.

    By the way, if you want to build a Self world and you’re not in the objects directory, you can tell Self where it is with the -b flag, eg:

    Self -f $BASE/worldBuilder.self -b $BASE -o morphic
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        I don’t think anyone is touting Self as a drop in replacement for $YOUR_FAVOURITE_LANGUAGE :)

        There’s nothing in principal which would preclude a Windows port - over time the VM has been on Sparc Solaris, PPC Classic MacOS, PPC OS X, x86 OS X and x86 Linux - but Self is a large project with very few development resources available to it.

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          my favorite language right now is 8 languages:


          but it get your point - I am studying the differences between programming languages, so I am interested when I see one I have not heard of. thanks for the reply