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If I’m going to write a language, I may as well start writing my day to day tools in it.


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    The rc file seems like a simple and good concept. Already your manual and docs are more clear than irssi’s.

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      manual and docs […] more clear than irssi’s

      That’s a low bar to clear, though.

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        That is true, but all the more reason to purge irssi.

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          I dunno, dicking around with funky scripts is half the fun with irssi ;)

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            for certain values of ‘fun’ …

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              So much hate for an IRC client I’ve been using for almost a decade without a hitch.

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                Exactly. irssi has flaws – as mentioned, configuration is unnecessarily painful – but I was a satisfied user for over a decade, and if I didn’t end up with the irrational itch to write my own, I’d have continued using it.

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                  I use it too, I hate the website.

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        Slightly off topic: The libstd link of Myrddin leads to a 404. In the libraries section on this page misses a trailing slash. And a second one when clicking “Run!” here. The contbuild in the navigation on the left also lacks a trailing slash in the link.

        Contbuild looks really nice, especially after buildbot became so JavaScript heavy.

        Even though I never used Myrrddin the implementation of Irc.myr looks really straight forward. It was a pleasure to skim over it. :)

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          Thanks, should be fixed.

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          Long way to go but looks nice enough. Signed, author of another custom-written IRC client.

          Looking forward towards a stable release of Myrddin.