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    A resounding achievement. Congrats to the whole team and to you specifically, Bozhidar! You’re a credit to every language community you’re in.

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      Thanks for the kind words!

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      Let me list the ways in which I love RuboCop…

      • It allows you to incrementally clean up a code base, most important stuff first.
      • It can autocorrect small silly stuff (combine with a good test suite, warnings on and a version control system, a Major win). Commit, autocorrect a single cop, run all tests, Commit, Fixup or Rollback).
      • It explains the why of each cop. And if I don’t agree with the why, I don’t have to run it… but I have on the quiet learnt a lot of ruby (despite decades of experience) from reading the “whys”.
      • It has benchmarks for performance cops. Again, I have learnt a lot of ruby from these.
      • It is a major help in dragging an older code base forward to new language features (and removing deservedly deprecated features!)
      • Some of the style cops that conflicted with my own style that I rejected….. Well, here’s a secret. I’d do the commit, autocorrect a single cop and then look at the diffs…. And sometimes I rollback, but sometimes I go grrumble grrumble, actually that is better and commit and change my style.
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        Congrats! and thanks for not changing the name!

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          Thanks to you and the team for making Rubocop so flexible. I’m glad that I have the choice to enforce the rules that I think matter, instead of debating whether to use the tool or not.

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            Everybody agrees coding style is Very Very Important….

            Nobody agrees which style is Correct.


            There is a life lesson in that somewhere.

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              It’s that making (carefully considered, openly discussed with relevant peers and evidence weighed) choices and staying with those choices is what matters, while the exact choice doesn’t matter.

              I just had a child. I believe I would have an equally happy, perhaps happier, life without a child. But we chose to have this child and will nourish and love it forever. There was no Correct choice, but there was a choice.