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    This is a huge win for preserving flash content. There is a huge historical body of cultural artifacts that were developed in Flash and would otherwise be lost to the sands of time with out efforts like this.

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      Flash was one of the most productive and creative gaming platform. There is no gatekeeper and the IDE was easy to use. Go take a look at https://newgrounds.com . There are a lot of crappy games, some disturbing ones, a lot of interesting moods, stories and game dynamics. There are even a few games like castle crashers that started as flash games and then made it to the console.

      At the end of the year Chrome will remove its support and all of those games will stop working so enjoy while it lasts!

      <3 flash games

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        What’s the point of yet another no-actionscript flash player? All the interesting flash content requires it.

        I so wish Adobe had maintained Tamarin and open sourced AIR, instead of just abandoning the lot of it. Flex was such a nicely-architected UI framework, but it couldn’t survive on its own without a platform on which to run it. Tamarin was (when AS3 was first introduced) miles ahead of browser-based JS engines, and Flash Player was a performant, sensible scenegraph with a simple and mostly-consistent API. AS3 was a huge improvement over vanilla JS, and wasn’t really beaten for usability and tooling until TypeScript got to about v2.

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          What’s the point of yet another no-actionscript flash player?

          “What’s the point”? Software takes time to write. In the second paragraph:

          ActionScript support is still forthcoming

          See also ActionScript tracking issue. They’re not diving straight into AS3, understandably.

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            Great, but “actionsctript is coming soon” is also where the other half-dozen player replacements have been for the last 10 years.

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          I find this one interesting less from the programming point of view, than regarding the goal of keeping flash history accessible. I enjoyed playing the samples from the roadmap.

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            Ruffle is in the proof-of-concept stage and can currently run early Flash animations.

            so, there’s been what, two or three previous attempts at an open-source Flash emulator, and they all basically stalled at some point. Evidently the easy bit is easy and there’s a hard bit that’s a Great Filter for the idea. What do they all keep stalling on?

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              Don’t we already have two basically complete flash players? Gnash and swfdec have both worked well for me for non-sorenson-non-drm content.