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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Doing ActivityPub via a CGI in OCaml for https://seppo.social/sourcecode

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      Hopefully I’ll do some progress at my start-up Console9; I’ll intend to work on the Rust/Starlark-based DSL.

      After I finish wrapping my head around the https://github.com/facebookexperimental/starlark-rust Starlark implementation in Rust, I’ll also open source some utility macros / functions / traits I wrote. At the moment the upstream library is quite sparse on the developer usability front…

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      Restarting my podcast after a year of break. Recorded an interview with a host today. Will come out in 2 weeks. I also recorded a monologue episode. Will be released tomorrow. If you are into leadership podcasts, please subscribe here: https://jjude.com/subscribe

      I started creating a mini obsidian publish tool (mainly for myself). I already added support for wikilink, wiki image link and highlight. This week planning to code backlinks feature. The tool is OSS. You can check the code here: https://gitlab.com/jjude/gopub ; Right now, it only supports gitlab hosting. You can clone the repo here and use: https://gitlab.com/jjude/gopub-garden. If you want to have a look at how it looks like: https://notes.jjude.com

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      Continuing to fit smart relays to things in the house. Fitting my new wifi-controlled radiator in the office, so I don’t have to remember to turn the portable heater on/off every day. (Get a computer to do repetitive tasks…)

      Also thinking about ways to kick me into writing more. My blog post output has really declined the last few years, and it’s not like I’m writing loads on social media anymore either. (Mastodon is mostly read-only for me, and Twitter, well, 🔥.) Whenever someone asks me a question I get incentivised to answer them and share my understanding/suggestions for their issue but writing a blag post from scratch never really starts. I learned a lot back when I was starting out by folks at the point I am now sharing their knowledge & understanding publicly, and also I want to share these things. Partly because others point out where I’m wrong or misunderstanding something, but also because I then find it later in google and it jogs my memory.

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        what are you using for smart relays? I’ve been meaning to do a similar thing for a while, but haven’t found anything that’s hackable enough.

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          I started out with Sonoff, but discovered the hard way (melty melty plug) they only had a 10A relay and I was trying to run 13A through it. Also at the time (~5 years ago) they were bulky & there wasn’t an easy way to wire the wall switch in as a switched input (GPIO pin effectively).

          Since switched to Shelly 1/1PM/1L devices which do MQTT out the box, but I still flash tasmota firmware onto. OTA update seems to work well using arendst/mgos-to-tasmota recently.

          I’ve also run a Shelly 1L on HomeKit Shelly firmware for a while, which exposes the device directly into HomeKit rather than going via MQTT/homebridge but reverted it to tasmota to bring it inline with the rest. Still unsure whether I want the dependency on MQTT (it allows me to scrape data / control devices easier via scripting) or not.

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      Setting up silverbullet, then trying to decide on which laptop I should get next for a Linux hacking machine.

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        I like my Framework, for what that’s worth.

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          I’d forgotten about them! Look pretty dope, but out of my price range sadly :’( thinking of picking up a dell latitude 7280 and loading some Linux flavor onto it.

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      At work: finishing a late project with an annoying client at work and continuing on a more normal one. I also wanted to talk to my boss about introducing pairing in our team, because I think some of my colleagues would benefit from it and I wanna try it out.

      At home: playing dorf fort, sleeping, watching Akagi (and obviously playing mahjong), skimming Crafting Interpreters and Types and Programming Languages to get some inspiration for making a small language. Watching Simon Peyton Jones’ presentation on Verse really got me back into PLT again.

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      Starting figure skating group lessons and new teacher for piano. An otherwise exciting week which is sadly tempered by a recent break up.

      Tech-wise, hoping to get back into learning zig and polishing up my totally-innocent-and-legal linux iso torrent pipeline. Going to replace a piece of it (previously in Go) that polls for new content with something more robust and simple. I’m very very tempted to learn php for these one off small bits of software as my server is riddled with small independent services that work together; php would fit right in.

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      I’m going to be looking at Next.js as a solution for a frontend website to sit in front of the Magento REST and GraphQL API. All of the tailored solutions I have looked at (PWA Studio, GraphCommerce, VueFront) don’t feel like solid solutions for our team. Hopefully this works out!

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      Trying to turn a missing client side certificate into a prompt on the browser especially before the certificate is installed on the client browser.

      Just more friendly UX than “400 no ssl cert”.

      Also ci cd. Lambdacd at home (writing integration with nomad for builds running on nomad) and Jenkins at work (with the nomad plugin as the only way to schedule builds).