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    Very interesting. Having seen some similar visual languages come and go, I do hope it works out well for them. I think that pd and its cousin Max/MSP have shown that visual dataflow languages can be successful, at least in niche domains.

    Regarding the universality, composability, and dual-representation claims they make, there’s some important prior art which they do not cite on their marketing page but I sure hope they’re aware of: Milner’s Bigraphical model.

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      That guy was really prolific. I love seeing his name pop up everywhere.

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      The website is using some kind of cutting edge technology when applying the javascript and css making it unusuable on my low end android device with Firefox

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        If you’re on NixOS, you can run this in a dodgy way:

        $ nix-shell -p 'steam.override { extraPkgs = pkgs: [ pkgs.iana-etc pkgs.xorg.libxkbfile ]; }).run'
        $$ ./lunaInstaller
        $$ ~/.luna/bin/luna-studio/current/luna-studio --appimage-extract
        $$ steam-run squashfs-root/AppRun

        The CEO says he’s switching over to NixOS soon, so hopefully we’ll have this properly packaged eventually.

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          I have been waiting for this for a while. With a solid FFI system, this has (hopefully) has a chance of replacing a lot of reporting systems floating out there in the world.

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            They didn’t bother to have an HTTPS download link? Not going to bother trying it.

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              There’s a bunch of weird red flags here:

              • No way to download the installer over HTTPS
              • The installer itself isn’t signed on macOS
              • Upon launching the installer, I was prompted for my email
              • The 163MB (??) installer then proceeds to download Luna Studio, which is itself 1.2GB

              I’m messing around with it now and it seems really cool, but there’s a lot they could do to make that setup process better and more secure.


              It also replaced the atom command on my system with one that launched Luna Studio

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                Those things you mention really seem quite bad. Hopefully, they’ll fix that soon. Especially the one with atom is baffling!

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                  Wow. Thanks for letting us know.

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