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    Aliases, prompt layout and autocomplete.


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      Forgot to mention ag. ;)

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      Fuck this setup. Fuck everything about it. oh-my-zsh is slow and all that autocomplete trains your brain to think that the directory is Stab instead of Source. If you just want to type s just fucking call the directory s. You now actually saved keystrokes, and saved all that latency/waiting for the computer to autocomplete and avoided potential catastrophe: who hasn’t accidentally autocomplete the wrong thing and in anticipation run the wrong command?

      Never mind trying to use someone else’s machine.

      Because I don’t get paid to code; because I get paid for code that works correctly and quickly, real productivity boosters are very important to me: I want to know about things that allow me to deliver working, fast code quickly. This isn’t it.

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        Never mind trying to use someone else’s machine.

        This has always been my resistance to, for example, pimping out my vimrc and other dotfiles and Sublime Text and so forth–sure, I’ve seen my friends do amazing things with their hyper-bespoke setups, but I’ve also seen them rage out when moved outside of their happy environment.

        I prefer to have a lower bound on my productivity across servers and scenarios. And yeah, it makes for annoying living sometimes, but man it makes getting up to speed in a new environment easy.

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          I prefer to have a lower bound on my productivity across servers and scenarios.

          I think you may find it gives you a massive increase in mean productivity…

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            Entirely possible! :)

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            Pimping Vim and Zsh is fine, as long as you don’t start off with the plugin manager route. Learn the shit first.

            That’s the difference between being slowed down by a default setup and curling up to cry in front of one.

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              I can see the point of that, but I like to think there’s a happy medium between a vim so customized that trying to work on a stock vim is like starting from scratch, and just using nothing but stock vim. I’ve got a decent number of helpful plugins and shortcuts in mine, but I try to add them one at a time, after thinking for a while that a particular shortcut would be useful. I don’t just dump in every plugin from every random blog post about vim tricks and hope for the best.

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            In the end, you can loose 30% of your days searching for new plugins, new themes, new aliases to “improve” your productivity. I use to do that, untill I realized that I was spending more time getting more efficient rather than doing some actual work.

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              IME, ag / the_silver_searcher is really, really, really nice to use and much more productive for quick searching than chaining up find, xargs and grep. I find it easier and quicker to use than my IDE’s built-in search.

              The complicated prompt and autocomplete rules you might want to be a little careful with because having your terminal take a noticeable amount of time to respond to things like pressing the enter key is a little bit of a drag, but picking up ag has negligible cost and pays off well.

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                ag is nice, but rg by @burntsushi is even nicer :)

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                Extra mental downvote, apart from what was said by eg. @geocar, for using the terms “folder” and “directory” interchangeably.

                Apple has messed with the shibboleth for an icon and its underlying meaning for so long, it’s understandable someone might think mkdir creates a folder. Maybe that’s why the shell is hard?

                But if you know better, don’t mix the usage.

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                  Does the title seem clickbait-y to anyone else? Why flagged as devops?

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                    devops is basically sysadminny stuff, and being a console cowboy falls into that bucket.