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See https://github.com/InitWare/InitWare for more details.


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    I’m not very knowledgeable about init systems, but I wonder a little if there’d be any synthesis or synesthesia here with Nix and the NixOS module system (and perhaps the netbsd port that I recall someone working on…)

    The NixOS modules are, iirc, somewhat coupled to systemd idioms, so NixOS-like Nix experiences on other platforms have tended to flow through separate module systems. https://github.com/LnL7/nix-darwin, for example, can map to launchd idioms–but also ends up diverging in small ways from the true NixOS module, which limits how well config can be abstracted/modularized/shared across multiple systems.

    There’s been some higher-level abstraction effort ongoing in https://github.com/svanderburg/nix-processmgmt (related: https://lobste.rs/s/bo3dxi/declarative_process_manager_agnostic), but I guess a more portable init system might also help.

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      I think I’d rather use launchd than this, though. And it’s supported, and comes with the operating system (both of which are advantages that cannot be underestimated when dealing with Apple).

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        On the other hand, launchd documentation is poor, changes between OS versions are not well surfaced, and it’s been completely closed-source since 10.10.

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          Dang. Maybe a hobbyist launchd fork of the last open-source release is in order?