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    It’s worth nothing that GoT uses git just as a means to and end. As such, its UI is focused differently for maintaining a linear workflow.

    As a disclaimer, I’m the lead contributor to the -portable version of GoT which runs on other OSes besides OpenBSD.

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      This exposes the terrible secret of the software world. We construct entire software ecosystems with the sole goal of enabling terrible world play.

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        I expect this will eventually replace git client for some of us who are frustrated by the unnecessary complexity of the existing solution.

        The last time I checked, this project lacked a simple migration guide: what you did in git VS what you do in got. But now, the manual page has a lot of examples, and I am willing to give it a try!

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          it’s simpler to just use git

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            or fossil

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            This project’s target demographic are people using CVS (or maybe Subversion), so I’m not surprised there’s no migration guide from Git.

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