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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Continuing the sailing trip in Greece. Up in the Northern Ionian this week, places like Parga, Sivota, Lakka.

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        Haha I envy you! Not into sailing but been on the Ionian Sea multiple times, it’s the ideal place to sale especially as you down, towards Kefalonia and Ithaca.

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      My skip-level manager at work expressed concern last week that I’m not taking enough vacation time, so now I’m trying (and not succeeding) to figure out some sort of vacation plan.

      Before January, I had never taken a vacation before in my entire work career. Instead, I just did long weekends for tech/furry conventions here and there. In January I took a week off because of burnout from conducting too many interviews as an introvert. I also took a few days in March to visit my grandma before she died.

      I’m very bad at this.

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        Doesn’t help that current epidemiological events make it hard to justify anything other than sitting at home.

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          “I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.”

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          We travelled to a wedding weekend before last which, while fun, has led to a few confirmed cases (and more probables that are refusing to test). I’m going a bit stircrazy.

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          Extremely true.

          Maybe I’ll spend a week in VRChat.

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            If you do that lemme know so I can join at some point and we can talk memes

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        Take more long weekends, but not for conventions, just for funsies

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        Are there any places you would like to visit during a vacation period? Or maybe you can take a break from work to simply relax and catch up on household duties? I’m not very travel oriented but a week break from work to simply relax and hang out with local friends is a perfectly ideal vacation for me.

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          I’m not a traveler, but staycations tend to lead to me working on side projects since my home lab is right there.

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            If travel is not your thing, consider staying at a hotel nearby to avoid “falling into” the home lab. Bring a suitcase of books (or a kindle) and enjoy not doing any chores for a week.

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            Is there perhaps a (potential) side project that would require you to do some research somewhere else? That might be a reason to travel. Maybe the travel itself can be (part of) a side project. For instance, if you like building hardware you could build a gps tracker. And then travel to the north pole to see if it works.

            In the past I had great fun to travel to visit confrences in another country. Book some more days and discover the city, etc.

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        Just wondering what “skip-level” means?

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          Manager’s manager

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            I use first-line manager, second-line manager, etc. The first-line is your direct manager, the second-line manager their manager, and so on. I picked this up at IBM..

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              Skip-level (or just “skip”) is a term I picked up from an Amazonian a few years back.

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      My sideproject is hiring it’s first w2 employee, so that’s exciting. It’s still a sideproject unfortunately because I can’t afford to quit my main job yet - but hopefully soon.

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      Going to Montreal for work and being on the support rotation!

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        I haven’t been to Montreal in years. Wish I could go back someday….

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      Drywalling. I’ve put it off long enough, I need to finish this job.

      Also testing the processes I’ve developed at work, making sure the work I’ve done is general enough to fit our needs going forward.

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      I’m working on new integrations for my JSON terminal viewer https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31311821

      It now supports JS, Python and Ruby.

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      I bought a Mango Pi MQ-PRO (a small SBC with a RISC-V64 processor and 1GB of RAM). I’ll try to run it as software support isn’t very good and if I succeed, I will try to compile some of my projects and play with RISC-V!

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        Mango Pi MQ-PRO

        How’d you actually get to buy one of these?

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          It has been available on AliExpress for short periods of time. I was lucky enough to be able to get the 1 GB version and it arrived just last weekend.

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      At work, I accidentally borked the output of our pipeline trying to do a partial-rerun, so rerunning a 3-day-long pipeline :-). TIL, slightly too late, about chattr +i. And re-learned the important of backing things up, even if there’s no way anything will touch them…

      At home, working on a blog post about learning Perl, and realizing I haven’t posted a blog post in years even though I have a bunch of almost-complete drafts… guess I’m nervous about the response. Also finally started updating that LD50 game for a post-jam version I’d been avoiding.

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      Still bashing my head against QBE, trying to convince it to spit out m68000. And to make it stop assuming that the whole world is 64-bit.

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      I bought a pile of programming-related books and hope to continue to make progress in them. Right now, I’m a couple chapters into Clojure Applied and liking it a lot. It shows it’s age (relying heavily on records, using Schema and Leiningen instead of clojure.spec and deps.edn, etc), but the core ideas are really sound and instructive.

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        I remember liking it. I can’t find my copy right now (we recently moved) but ISTR I got a mention in the acknowledgments after wrestling with an early version of their core.async example :-)

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      I’m visiting Philadelphia proper for the first time ever to speak at the Technical.ly Developers Conference that is a part of Philly Tech Week. I’ll do some sightseeing the day after before heading home. I’m giving a talk I’ve given only a couple of times previously and never in person: I submitted it to a conference before the COVID-19 pandemic and by the time the conference rolled around, everything had gone virtual.

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      At work, landing translation support for part of the web app we’ve been working on

      At home, working on getting things moved and setting up the basement for my partner

      On the side, I plan on working on my Match 3 game, and playing some Path of Exile maps. I just finished the campaign for the first time in the Standard League, and I plan on trying out the new league when it lands on Friday.

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      One of my least-favorite ~creative activities.

      I made a thing over the fall and winter, but I don’t really understand what to call it. There aren’t great words, here? Or, if there are, I don’t have them.

      So, I want to write about it–see if some time spent in the concept-quary helps. But a lot of it is a preverbal mess, and it’s taking a lot of knot-picking to figure out what topics I should to carve out for individual posts and where to start with them. Few things make me feel as dumb as staring at the same material for several days, writing several thousand words, but not feeling like I’m any closer to knowing how/where to start communicating it.