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What are you going to work on this week?

Feel free to ask for help or advice or just talk about whatever you’re up to.


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    I’m becoming more and more tired of my github timeline being clogged by xxx starred yyy. If I got the chance, I’ll try to fix this with a browser extension this week.

    [edit] Stop upvoting you’re stressing me dammit!

    [edit2] Ok, here’s a poc (look ma, no jquery). Replace the settings and copy-paste it in chrome’s console after loading https://github.com. Took me 10min, I’ll package it into a chrome extension after work. If you know how FF extensions work and want to contribute send me a message.

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      This is interesting, I find myself wanting to filter just the opposite from my feed. I use it as a discovery tool for new projects, anything else I view in the notifications page anyway.

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        Over the last two years my repos have been starred 3 times an hour in average. I really don’t care about these star notifications. I’m much more interested in the discovery aspect you describe, I’d like to know what people I follow are starring for example!

        I’ll ping you as soon as my code is online to ask about your specific use case and see how we can add it.

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          Ah I see what you mean now. That’s all I would like to see: people starring other projects and nothing else.

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        Here it is, in all its beta glory: https://github.com/vhf/gh-feed-filter Relevant extension code is in here

        It’s far from perfect but at least it’s an effective noise-canceling filter. Should you try it, don’t hesitate to open issues or PRs.

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        1. Coming to the end of a contract, so looking for full-time HFT jobs in Chicago. At 32, I prefer finance over tech/startups. I’m sick of “Agile” and finance seems to be better at treating talented people like adults. The ethics are also better in finance, but no value in getting on that tangent now.

        2. Working on a turn-based game server in Haskell called “jatek”. Hit a conceptual snag that I’ve managed to think my way out of, I think.

        3. Fiction, between a SV-focused satire novella called “The Struggles” and a novel very tentatively named Farisa’s Courage for which I’ve published 2 chapters and written about 10 (out of ~30). (You can find links on my blog.)

        4. Deciding what language to learn next. Candidates are C++ (awful, but ubiquitous) and Erlang. Possibly Ruby because there’s a lot of freelance work in it, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be hard to learn.

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          I’m working on a programming game for kids using terra + bgfx + nanovg. Its still in its early engine development stages. To actually finish it I’ve recently discovered the calendar timeblocking technique, which has been an incredible tool to fight procrastination. It’s also fun to write native code again since most of my day job is working at a higher level. It also gave me a reason to try out terra, which is an interesting language that uses lua to metaprogram native code at compile time.

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            Decided to work on another compiler project. This time, I’m going to bootstrap a lisp from its own bytecode (bytecode stack machine is written in C). The goal is to eventually have a terse, small lisp that can be embedded easily. As of now, I have basic stack manipulation (push atom, push number, push cons, pop, etc). Once I’ve got something more, I’ll post it on GitHub and link to it.

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              Peergos is now nearing backwards compatibility and extend-ability in its data formats. Next up I will be improving the sparse website, with high level intro, technical architecture explanations and different security models. Then it’s time to get feedback and maybe soft-launch!

              It’s going to be an exciting year!

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                I signed up for Backblaze’s cloud storage beta a few weeks ago, and finally got around to putting together and encrypting a coherent snapshot and uploading it.This week I hope to set up and put in place a reasonable incremental backup procedure.

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                  Continue hacking on elixir stuff I think, as a fairly proficient rubyist that thinks in objects (& encapsulating methods on data structures) trying to think about things in a recursive, state-passing structure is a little bit mind bending. Enjoyable though, which makes it all worth it.

                  Currently working my way through the Exercism elixir exercises, if anyone has the time & inclination to review & comment on any of my solutions, it would be greatly appreciated! They should be linked from my exercism profile page

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                    Now that the Rust FAQ is done, I’m looking at working on a guide to starting and maintaining a quality Rust crate, with information on things like:

                    • encouraging contributions and fostering a supportive project atmosphere
                    • setting up and using continuous integration
                    • using highfive and bors to manage contributions to your repo
                    • maintaining a changelog
                    • and a lot more
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                      After my last project I’ve taken a few months off to take it easy, read and spend time with my friends. I’m about done with relaxing so I’ve started to look through my email for people asking me about work and in general letting people know I’m available again. It would be great if I could start something by early February.

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                        Working on completing my SIMD implementation of libtwiddle, I’m tackling an interesting problem regarding sum and powers:


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                          I have a few raspberry Pi projects that I hope to start tackling. The first is just a Tor router/proxy. The second one is more or less a remake of this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jerware/game-frame-the-art-of-pixels – though a bit more hacky, and Internet connected such that I can potentially do other interesting, but useless things. For instance, it’d be fun to display the favicon of the website I’m viewing.

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                            Working on mods for my keyboards (a Poker 3 Cherry Blue, and a Matias V60 Quiet Click).

                            Switching out keycaps for my Matias should be the easiest one but I can’t seem to figure out how to remove the keys. This’ll take another couple hours of wiggling and youtube video watching/wiki reading. The Poker 3 case is going onto the V60 (the Poker has a TEX acrylic case + NPKC rainbow keycaps), but first I’m going to strip the black paint for that case and both of the keyboards' faceplates. I have yet to open up the V60 but the Cherry switches on the Poker are going to require me to desolder 122 terminals before I can separate the faceplate for paint stripping (rip me :( …) after which I resolder them and maybe start working on adding LEDs to the switches that lack them.

                            Will post pictures once finished later in the week if anybody is interested in that thing!

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                              Migrating a self-hosted Postgres DB to RDS for work. Good learning target, as it is both inessential and we have three non-live environments to tackle before hitting live. (Dev, test & sandbox; which is technically live, but only used for customer testing.)

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                                For money, I’m gonna be working on some interesting tax issues in regards to shipping. Turns out, in North America, this whole thing is a mess. Not helping is the software I’m working on wasn’t designed for dynamic tax calculation depending on shipping origin and destination. Fun hacks in perspective!

                                For not money, I started to implement GeoHash in Elixir as a learning exercise. Many things I did wrong and I’ll have to revisit that later this week. I’m also prepping a talk for a new Go meetup in Montreal that takes place in February. Since I have no idea of the crowd that’s going to show, I decided to talk about net/http, its important interfaces, and how you can play around with them to build middleware. Should be interesting, although I don’t expect to teach much to hardcore gophers who do web services for a living.

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                                  If anybody has a link to a comprehensive ssh tutorial for openbsd, that would be great, the offical docs are mostly descriptive about what it is and why you should use it, insteas of how.

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                                    What do you want to do?

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                                      Well I installed openbsd on a vultr instance and all went well, but I’m a little confused about what my next step is. I’ve tried to simply ssh into a user I set up, but that didnt work. So I’m thinking there are a few settings I need to change.

                                      My ultimate goal is setting up a mail server (For fun and personal use)

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                                        It’s been a while since I set up a new openbsd server but check if the ssh daemon is started and that the user you are sshing into has your public key in .ssh/authorized_keys.