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      Are any of V’s audacious claims real yet?

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        Basically, the problem with V now (and the reason why I think we should ban it and other similar projects like Urbit from lobsters) is that V boosters have a long enough history of shameless lies which require increasing levels of effort to uncover that I have no confidence that any actually interesting V announcement is real, or that any actually interesting V demo isn’t faked. Like, you could give me the binary to run myself and I’d believe that there was some kind of trick to it rather than the demo being legit unless I had gone over it with a decompiler and a fine toothed comb first.

        Also kind of vexing seeing @volt_dev getting away with increasing the V promotional posts after a post recently got popular that showed that many key V claims were obvious lies.

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          Sorry, not on point but Urbit is horrible. The community is extremely toxic to non-cishet dudes and it’s infuriating how many angry DMs I got for putting my pronouns in my username.