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    To learn about the hush command that lets you have covert conversations with your Slack teammates in the #twitter channels…

    The foot-shooting potential is high with this one.

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      We’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, all day with intercom and a few times a day with Twitter – so far no instances of foot shooting. Things we say are harmless though – mentions, links to issues, hints.

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      I can see why you’d want to push tweets to slack–a permanent searchable record, easy to keep track of mentions. But it seems overly complex to respond to tweets from slack. Once you are alerted to a tweet, how hard is it to open your twitter client and respond?

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        It means everyone has to have Twitter credentials, which isn’t even tbe main problem. The main problem is that it’s a) impossible to have a real discussion on Twitter, and b) multiple people are guaranteed to reply to same tweet (this used to happen a lot). This is why there are so many products that solve this problem with another dashboard.

        Because we already respond to Intercom from Slack, it made so much sense to add Twitter. It’s amazing to watch people respond to questions without even realizing that the response goes out to Twitter.

        We also added FB and Skype, since many companies deal with those for support, too.