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    The original group wrote a response here: Speed Without Wizardry

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      The counter is also a respectful one that highlights the other person’s good points and skill. Loved reading it.

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      “small performance investigation”, with TOC alone taking a whole page :-)

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        The original post rewriting in rust is of comparable length.

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          The proper comparison might be the time it takes a Javascript programmer with no VM or assembly knowledge (just common heuristics) to do what he did vs Javascript programmers of similar skill to rewrite same code in Rust. I’d say the latter should also be people who already got past the fight-the-borrow-checker phase so those slowdowns don’t contaminate the measurements of the port.

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            Indeed, performance shootouts between languages practically always forget to account for the developer :)

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              While we’re at it, might do an extra experiment to see how people modifying unfamiliar codebases in a time crunch improve their performance and safety together. That represents the rush it out the door mindset in many companies. Languages like Ada and Rust will be way ahead if proponents are correct.

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