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    Nim IMHO is one of underrated languages. It is as efficient as C and as clean as Python. I just wish for some solid tooling and companies backing it. Without that it’s extremely hard to convince people to pick up something that will have good tooling in future.

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      This slightly modified version:

      def fibTCO(n, a=0, b=1):
          if n == 1:
              return b
              return fibTCO(n - 1, b, a + b)

      gives me:

      Py3 Computed fibTCO(47)=2971215073 in 0.00 seconds
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        Ah, the original implementation gives me:

        Py3 Computed fib(47)=2971215073 in 552.15 seconds
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          That’s neat - I’ve never seen that version of Fibonacci before.

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          I love the idea of well made bridge code…