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    It is no longer necessary to remember to click on ‘Export’ in the PNG Export dialog, as the exporting will already happen after the click on ‘Save’ in the file selection dialog.

    Excellent, Inkscape realised that we were never going to learn!

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      Surprisingly, I actually got used to this weird workflow. Shouldn’t be hard to un-learn it though, since it makes more sense the new way!

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        Maybe in the future if I find a workflow weird I should consider filing a (friendly and constructively phrased) bug: workflows are subjective experiences and developers deserve to know if their design is not intuitive for some. It’s natural and the user gets to contribute something back.

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      inkscape is the only SVG editor that makes it easy for me to manually edit the svg XML. Though, I wish they would convert away from using floating points to using a decimal datatype: when doing stuff like copy/paste, or left/right movement transformations, tiny floating point errors can creep in, forcing me to go into the XML and delete .000000001 etc.

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        I designed (more like copied) a font on Inkscape and imported the SVGs into FontForge, and all of them generated warnings because of this. FontForge has a “round to int” function for paths, which is missing in Inkscape

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        Can someone confirm whether dimensions are messed up when exporting as DXF (Autocad R14)?