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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    I’m cleaning up the 20 something year old code base at work this week as well. Last week was pretty good, I did minus 900 something lines of code and the same binary popped out of the compiler.

    For fun I’m playing with the .NET Compiler Platform once again.

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      I’m learning Chinese, and have been building little scripts to generate Anki cards from vocabulary lists in my class. It’s hard to find the balance between getting the benefits of making study material manually and just spending a lot of time

      Also been looking into ways to study some graduate level math. I was thinking about looking into PhD programs but realized I don’t really need to commit that much. I’m mainly looking for guidance in what to study/how to do so

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        I’m trying to implement Linux driver support for HSIC on RK3288. I got the interface working somehow but the code is a mess and one of the chips downstream doesn’t enumerate, which may or may not be related to the HSIC driver. I don’t know how to debug shit.

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          Update: everything enumerates, chip seems to work, code is getting simpler. One annoying problem remains: things don’t work after a reboot. Only cold boot results in a functional interface.

          Another chip downstream has some issues, but that is unlikely related to what I’m working on right now. I don’t think I have the equipment to diagnose it :(

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          Preparing for https://linux.conf.au/

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            Working on yearly planning for management stuff. Learning forth so I don’t go crazy. I’m not sure which of these activities will warp my mind more…

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              Fixing and improving various frontends and microservices for my client. That involves HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Docker and Kubernetes configuration, and so on. I’m positioning myself as a remote contractor who can take charge of medium-sized full-stack projects, with a special focus on improving both the user experience and the developer experience by making things faster, more robust, and more consistent. My idea is to do that for some months of the year and have the rest of the year dedicated to family life and personal enjoyment, which seems pretty much ideal.

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                Taking the MIT IAP class on Applied Category Theory, and pressing for my home city to extend an existing bike path

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                  I added a neat little mobile navigation menu to Moneygains.

                  I’m moving the NewBusinessMonitor resources to another AWS region because the one I’m using is currently blocked by Roskomnadzor. I’m in Russia currently, and it’s not nice being locked out of your own servers 😕

                  I’ve made a start on event sourcing in my reinsurance platform startup. I ended up not using the Eventful library; it was pretty complex and I didn’t quite understand it. I’m instead using this example. I’m a fan of keeping things as simple as possible anyway. I guess we’ll see if I hit a wall further down the line.

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                    I’d like to push a new version of active_record_doctor and publish an article about robust migrations in Ruby on Rails.

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                      Workwise: feeling out what being acquired means. Doing some cleanup on some internal tools and porting some alerting stuff to a new db.

                      Lifewise: planning for a trip to TX to see some friends at the end of the week.

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                        I’d like to finally get started with implementing the redesign of Developer to Manager. CSS isn’t my core competency, but I’ll still like to give it a shot implementing the mockups myself before giving up and hiring someone else to do it.

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                          Friday I opened the pull request for the Jenkins changes I mentioned last week. Now that that’s just about finished I’m started work on a rendering bug in our mobile app plugin. I’ve never done Android development before, so a good portion of today was spent installing a few tools, learning my way around Android Studio, learning how to build and connect in the debugger, and then learning how to do it all in Emacs so I hopefully don’t have to touch Android Studio again.

                          Outside of work I’ve been reading How to Think About Analysis and following along working problems.

                          And I got distracted from the audio visualization thing I mentioned last week and now I’m creating a software-based modular synthesizer. I have no idea what I’m doing, and I can’t produce any sound yet, but I’m having fun figuring it out.

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                            • Submit a PR I’ve been working on the last 2 weeks, implementing basic compute kernels for Arrow.
                            • Attending rstudio::conf 2019
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                              This week we’re finishing a Sprint to add some new features to a work project. Particularly, we’re integrating with a home listings API and Google Maps JS Api to create a “Mini-Map” of listings. It’s pretty neat, and there’s definitely lot’s of learning going on.

                              Aside from that, in my personal development life, I’m still working on learning Rust. This weekend I’m going to actually attempt to start writing some scripts among other things on my own.

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                                • Implementing prometheus metrics / collection across all of our kubernetes applications
                                • Expanding our payment model, how fees are paid / shared between our customers and the customers they in turn invoice. Combined with an aging invoicing workflow, it becomes quite an interesting challenge, especially as our customer base is neither technical or necessarily good at accounting.


                                • Hoping to move my few websites (blog + random projects) to managed kubernetes on DigitalOcean. With their current offering, it actually becomes cost-effective to keep everything in a “personal” cluster, since none of them see much traffic at the same time. Most of my apps are already dockerized, so creating the deployment manifests should be trivial.
                                • Hoping to implement a super-simple booking system for our family’s summer house, to see when it’s available and which days it can be booked. Currently it’s all e-mail coordinated between 15+ people >_<
                                • Spend time with my 4-month old daughter, which is likely to eat up all available time for the two other projects ;)