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    I gotta say, I love the way that site looks, the font, everything. I wonder what it runs on and how I might try running the gitlab source and blogging that way.. look like markdown as source files. Perhaps gitlab is hosting the custom domain? Is the author on Lobsters?

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        Yes, you were faster 🙂 It’s basically just a Hugo website with a bit of search and webmentions sprinkled over it using custom services (also in that repo).

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          Awesome. I saw the github repo, but never using Hugo before, I wasn’t clear on your setup. Something to try. Thanks.

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            Good point :) I should probably write that into the README just in case I forget it myself ^_^ Right now it requires Gulp and Webpack to build some parts of the frontend alongside Hugo, so It’s definitely note a single-step setup right now. Something else to put on my agenda 🥳