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    This presentation seems interesting and I like the design of the slides, but I wish there were some notes or a writeup of some sort. I get the gist of the presentation by flipping through, but it would be really nice to hear what the speaker / author had to say.

    Am I missing something on the site?

    In the future, when possible, should slide decks be posted with accompanying writeups for context? (I’m guilty of not following this suggestion.)

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      I understand your pain. Some concepts to look up if you want to learn what the talk was about (probably, I wasn’t there):

      • Riak
      • Eventual consistency
      • CRDTs
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      This presentation was a whole lot of buzzwords without a whole lot of substance when you take away the speech attached.

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        This talk was at EmberConf on Wednesday. I really enjoyed the talk because of the high energy and genuine interest cmeiklejohn had. As someone who knows very little about the topic, it helped a ton that he was able to provide a simplified explanation following the complicated math language. I would look for the videos to go up on confreaks soon, and watch it. This is one of those talks where the slides were mostly a subject (I did love the type design), and he would dive into that subject verbally.