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      I always set this bios setting for home servers, and would go so far to say if a motherboard doesn’t have this setting, it isn’t suitable for use as a home server…

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      I’m surprised by this. My experience with WoL is after a loss of power it doesn’t work. I’ve only used WoL with one machine ever so I have nothing to compare against so perhaps that’s just a quirk of my machine?

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      Do NUCs still have an internal header for the power switch, like in a standard PC? Maybe the Pi could be resurrected to control that as a GPIO, for remote access :)

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        WoL isn’t that hard to set up though, why wouldn’t you just use that, like the author ultimately did?

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      The Mac IIci and other systems that use that case have a great solution to this problem: the power button can be rotated to lock in the “on” position. Otherwise everything here that doesn’t have hardware power switches or isn’t “always on” is set to automatically power back on after the UPS goes down (mostly repurposed Power Macs plus the POWER6). That’s saved my butt a few times.

      Remote reboot is more interesting. I have remotely accessible power cyclers for that.

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