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Hi everyone,

I’m new to Lobsters, so I might have missed some rule about not posting links to your own projects, if so, I’m sorry.

I have been working on a product idea for a while now and looking for feedback from you guys!

Feedback I´m looking for,

  • Is it a useful product? Why/Why not?
  • Would you and your team/organization use it?
  • If you would use it, what would be the primary use case for you?
  • Would you be willing to pay for it, how much?

Of course I’m also interested in any other feedback you might have, every little comment is valuable to me!

/Frej (frej at firesub dot com)


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    Frej, welcome to Lobsters! Posting links to your own project is fine as long as you use the project tag (the ask tag is usually used for questions to the lobsters community). Don’t worry about the miss-tag, the moderators should clean it up.

    As for your service, first a disclaimer: I’m a team of one, so I don’t need to manage many processes between people.

    When I was at my last job, we had something similar, but much lower tech. It was just a static checklist that was printed out when a new employee was hired. My experience was these lists became unmaintained, and eventually you had tasks on the lists that really didn’t make sense.

    In the case of a new employee, would they be keeping track of their checklist themselves? Or are many team members editing the same checklist at once. I would be worried that a product like this would just eventually turn into a product-management product like Trello.

    Lastly, you have a grammatical mistakes on your homepage

    We have not yet launched but sign up above and we keep you in the loop!

    should be

    We haven’t launched yet but sign up above and we’ll keep you in the loop!

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      Hey, conroy!

      Thank you very much for the greate feedback! I will definitly try to select the proper tag the next time.

      As for the example of a new hire checklist, you can assign multiple people to the same checklist and they se eachothers changes and completed tasks. You might want to assign the new employee this checklist but it is not nessesary.

      It is alwasy a risk that a product like this turns into something like Trello, project management software is a really crowded space, and there is very good products already developed.

      My vision is to develop this into a product that manages all processes within a team, like new employees.

      I'v created a quick demo of how the product works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIIPw2TBOJQ

      Thanks for the grammar correction, it’s fixed!

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        Looks interesting. I use a daily checklist to help keep me organized, currently it’s all in a text file but it would be nice to have a more structured version of the same thing. I wrote a partial implementation but got busy with work before I finished it, what you’ve got here is the closest I’ve seen to what I had in mind.

        As a business I think you’ll have a challenge getting paying users, this seems to be an idea that many people think is good but that doesn’t bubble up the list enough to spur action (ex: http://evhead.com/2008/09/processizer.html).

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          Thanks for the feedback!

          I agree that it will be a challange to convert free users to paying, but with the right features in the payed plans it might just be enough conversion to be a viable business

          I have also read Ev’s product idea, and one thing that worries me a bit is exactly what you point to, that the idea is not new but there is no product on the market that meets this suposed need.

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      I work in a grocery delivery service. We have teams that can use this type of product. For instance, every week we need to prepare the menu for the next week. This usually involves a number of steps, which can be taken by different team members. The have a checklist of sorts, but it’s mostly in their heads. If they miss a step, it may end up with an obvious problem (like no produce showing on the website), but it can also be really unobvious. Like, statistics are not gathered and the COO’s reports are empty. Having a shared checklist would be amazing. We’d totally pay for the authorization. We don’t want most of the staff to be able to change the steps needed, just to mark them as done.

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        Hi Dave,

        Thank you for the feedback, it seams that Firesub might be a perfect fit for your companys needs.

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