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      Let me save you five minutes of reading a buzzfeed list in the form of an ACM queue article:

      1. Set your alarm and wake up at the same time each day.
      2. Shower and dress as if you’re going to the office as you normally would.
      3. Set a finishing time for each day and stick to it.
      4. Take frequent breaks of at least 15 minutes per two-hour block throughout the day.
      5. Silence all your messaging apps.
      6. Do not use social media during your breaks.
      7. Arrange social time with actual humans outside of work.
      8. Exercise.
      9. Use your old commute time to learn something new.
      10. If you schedule meetings, make them count.
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        I found the article fun enough to read. But this this was the first thing I’ve ever read by Kode Vicious.

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        I did none of these things structurally while working remotely for over 5 years and it was fine. Do not follow authority blindly. Figure out what works best for you.