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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Getting married (in 2 hours). Don’t know what else the week contains but pretty sure nothing can top this

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      Congrats! :)

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        Hey, congratulations!

        Also I know this is a huge deal in so many ways but the relative importance of things is highly subjective so what I feel is the most important question that I need to ask at this time is WILL THERE BE CAKE and if so what kind? :-D

        (I’m trying to stop demolishing the candy box every evening and this seems to be upsetting my value scale.)

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        First “real” week at my new job! Huge codebase to learn, and have to re-orient myself in Typescript after a few years of pure Python.

        Looking forward to the challenge!

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          Readjusting to normal life and fighting the jungle that exists where my garden should be. Also need to clear the shed of crap, clear the garage of crap and then fit the remainder of the garage into the shed.

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            Second week at my new job so I’ll be learning more stuff. Right now it’s not that stressfull but work is slowly getting to a normal fast rate.

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              Lots of talking with companies/acquaintances looking for a new job (anyone looking for a good Python dev/motivated Rust dev in a JST timezone hit me up!)

              The biggest challenges have been both trying to decipher how other place’s work environments actually are, and trying to be honest about my own skills without underselling myself. I feel very lucky to have had loads of people help me with this in the past, I don’t know how full-time freelance people do this often.

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                Seeing family and friends overseas after three years.

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                  I’ll be putting the finishing touches on Speleomorph, my submission for the Metroidvania Month 16 game jam, which ends June 15th. I had hoped to get audio in there but a) I need more time to learn and debug Web Audio, b) I don’t think the loops I’ve written will hold up for a full play session.

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                    I am writing a virtual file layer for my encrypted backup tool bupstash. This is similar to the sqlite3 vfs file layer which lets sqlite3 operate in some unusual and cool ways.

                    Following along from that, I also am writing a 9p2000.L network filesystem client and server library for rust https://github.com/andrewchambers/p92000l-rust that I am using to implement network vfs layer to help me shard bupstash backups over multiple servers.

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                      Trying to establish the habit of getting up a hour earlier to get back to programming for fun.

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                        Good question. I suppose the default answer should be “self-care”, whatever form that might end up taking. Hmm.

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                          @work I’m finishing work to integrate a new version of a big library we use.

                          @home I’m working on a tool to automatically package Common Lisp applications in Docker.

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                            • Releasing TextView for Android, iOS and browsers
                            • Setting up PoE camera(s) around my house
                            • Setting up IoT water valve
                            • Continuing to organize my house
                            • Maybe start getting into PEG parsers finally
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                              Researching javascript frameworks.

                              My tech lead is having second thoughts on Angular, so i am looking into alternatives. i like the looks of Vue (nuxt.js) but i really dislike React(next.js), and still i believe that Angular is the most solid and mature choice

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                                Got a little stuck on how to frame something (by writing some example markup…) halfway through the third blog post from https://lobste.rs/s/z7ckef/what_are_you_doing_this_weekend#c_i9dput, so I’ll still be picking at that post and hoping the logjam breaks…

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                                  Writing a sockets based board game server in Python so I can write Atari 8 bit clients for it using Fujinet and continuing to re-learn Atari BASIC which has been refreshingly pleasant and quick.

                                  I think it’s a testament to BASIC’s design, or maybe it’s just me and my sentimental fondness for these old languages and platforms. My objectivity is shot here so shrug :)