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Open question to the greater community: would you all be interested in an official irc channel, with the same focus as Lobsters? The invite-only system has been pretty successful so far and has resulted in a very likable, homely community, which I think would make for a great channel environment. If jcs is willing to bless it, it’d be official, too. (I am aware of the bbs. I think it is rad! But the client is quite annoying to use.)

I registered ##lobsters on Freenode as a prototype. The channel is +g (any nick in the channel can invite another nick), so if you want to join, comment or message me with your nick.


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    I am aware of the bbs. I think it is rad! But the client is quite annoying to use.


    I suppose I could hook up an IRC backend to it so people could connect with other clients, but that would probably go against the spirit of a BBS.

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      I did not mean to disparage your software! It is certainly geek chic, and that makes it cool ipso facto. But the refresh rate is aggravating. (Suddenly, I hear a voice saying “patches welcome…”)

      EDIT: In case it is not clear, the refresh rate is effectively the only complaint I have against the BBS emulator.

      An IRC backend goes against the spirit of a BBS. But there is already an HTML front-end, so you have already lost, haven’t you?

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      I would be pleased to be invited my nick on irc is xcombelle

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        Yeah I’m game, big IRC fan. Same nick as here, benoliver999.

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          why is it invite only? slightly against the spirit of IRC, unless the channel is for official lobsters business only (!!?), or something..

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            I agree. It’s easier to deal with spam/annoying people on IRC as the bans are temporary, so I would not make it invite-only (but it’s not my channel).

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              I would assume it’s to be lobsters-y.

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              I was thinking, why not? My nick, as you might guess, is egrep.

              Thank you!

              Edit: I was also thinking, perhaps if it was a separate server which would use lobste.rs login info instead of any similar services (NickServ).

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                That would be a good idea. I’m sure the existing bbs already does something like that, so if it could be rigged to use IRC…

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                Yolo. Add me in as angersock. :)