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      I’ve been rather out of touch with the Ada world for a while,

      We chose the Apache License 2.0 because we consider it to be the best option for our customers and the Ada/SPARK ecosystem at large.

      I would have been happy with GPL, but I can see how some people may not be. My only Ada project is GPL because it had to be, but given a choice, I might have used a more permissive license (or not, not sure).

      This results in a decision by AdaCore to stop further releases of GNAT Community and have the community handle its successor.

      This is confusing. Will GNAT FSF become the only option, apart from GNAT Pro? How often will they make new releases?

      Alire is a source-based package manager for the Ada and SPARK programming languages.

      It has grown quite a bit it seems!

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        From post ( https://blog.adacore.com/ada-202x-support-in-gnat )’s author said Both will exist.