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Fellow Lobsters, are there any good VPS provides out there that support OpenBSD?

I ran across rootbsd, ARP Networks, and Ramnode, all of which appear to either provide OpenBSD images directly, or support self installation.

I was hoping to get some recommendations based on firsthand experience.


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    I have been using FreeBSD on Vultr for quite some months now. Prices are nice, it’s like DigitalOcean but slightly cheaper, better CPU and their gigabit internet is faster (plus they have IPv6 on more locations).

    While FreeBSD is one of the available autoinstall choices they have a way to upload your own ISO on the server and install the OS yourself via a webbased VNC thing.

    Someone used it for OpenBSD and made a guide.

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      Wow, logged in just to thank you.

      Just tried them and migrated my little OpenBSD VPS from Mythic Beasts to Vultr.

      Custom ISO loading, OpenBSD works flawlessly, speed (both SSD disk IO and network) is amazing (especially for an OpenBSD running virtualized), no issues whatsoever.

      I remember trying them when they started and it all seemed like an amateur operation but right now, it’s just too good of a deal not to use it, for such a low price. As it stands now, I don’t have a single complaint and I only wish it stays that way.

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        I signed up for Vultr last week, after their ad showed up in my Twitter stream for the n-teenth time. Prices are great, especially considering you get a decent amount resources (that don’t seem to be horribly oversold).

        Their API also looks sensible, though I haven’t tried it yet.

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        +1 to ARP. Fantastic reliability, service, affordable, all the features I need, community, etc.

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          ++ for ARP - I have had a hand full of vps with them for the last few years.. very good!

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          Mythic Beasts https://www.mythic-beasts.com/

          I’m waiting for the 5.6 iso to upgrade my VPS from 5.5 - I’ve been really happy with the service.

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            Nice service, used them. Their Lite offering runs on Mac Minis, which in their setup had terrible IO. After reporting it to them, they flipped some knobs in QEMU and now it runs OK-ish so the issue should be fixed for new signups.

            Their standard offerings are unaffected.

            Very clueful staff, real VNC access, custom ISO installation etc.

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              There engineers are Unix engineers - and actually understand what they are doing Which is why I ended up using them :~)

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            I’ve been a RamNode customer for a couple years now and can definitely recommend them. I’ve had nothing less than amazing support and excellent quality of service (especially for the price).

            It should be possible to get it to run on any VPS host that uses true virtualization (either KVM, Xen, or VMware; not OpenVZ or other container-based systems). Native support with prebuilt images makes it significantly easier to get installed, though, since you won’t have to figure out how to attach a CD image to your VM or go though the entire install process. With some hosts it is significantly harder to install OSes without prebuilt images because they don’t offer the ability to attach a CD image (so you have to end up doing tricks like writing the installer’s ISO to a partition on your drive).

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              anything that has KVM and lets you spin your own ISOs if they don’t have it, really - after that, you can look into quality

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                BigV allows for custom ISO mounting and installation but I haven’t tried them.

                There’s also TransIP but I don’t recommend them. Storage is not local and the support staff leaves a lot to be desired. Otherwise, runs and works OK.

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                  I’ve been using bsdvm for about a year now and they are great. The latency is a bit high sometimes though.

                  I use it to host my personal email so I went with the smallest plan available.

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                    +1 ARP