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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      I finally came up with a nicely ergonomic C++ equivalent of Swift’s if let and guard let, i.e. syntax for testing and unwrapping an optional at once. Made my own optional-wrapper class called maybe that supports this, and importantly does not support optional’s incredibly dangerous “*” operator, which I got burned by one too many times last weekend.

      (Honestly, why the hell did the C++ committee add an operator that’s more unsafe than raw pointer dereference, to a class that’s supposed to be a safer alternative to pointers?)

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      Continuing to work on an opam-monorepo package builder for Nix. I decided to implement a parser for the .opam files in Nix using some parser combinators, which has mostly worked out, until I noticed that the grammar includes some cases of left recursion, so that’ll require a bit more work. I’m also not entirely sure how the next steps will work; I’m hoping downloading all the dependencies and then symlinking them to the duniverse/ directory will be enough. With any luck I’ll have something to share next week or so!

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      Attempting to secure our application dependency chain with SLSA (https://slsa.dev/) so that we can assert to third-parties that we can’t have some new issue or vulnerability introduced through the chain by a changing or updating of dependencies that wasn’t checked. So far it’s been a bit of a pain but I think the underlying idea is a good one.

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        Dang, definitely bookmarked :) Thanks for sharing!

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      Over the weekend I started a documentation page for Bauble, which meant adding a compact display mode, custom resolutions, and lazily loading multiple GL contexts on a single page. So now I need to actually flesh out the docs. Also maybe I’ll finally tackle custom lighting… the last big missing feature.

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      Taking a short side track through Powerpoint hell.

      But then back to R&D, and closing the loop on the web framework APIs for Ecstasy.

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      Work wise, building out some ingestion modules for our search platform.

      Home wise, I’ve been cleaning up my hydroponics setup, got some new lettuce / basil plants into my system!