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When you use things like fonts.googleapis.com, you violate your user’s privacy. You violate my privacy.

Please self-host your resources. Your users will ❤️ you for it!


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      I knew someone was going to post that! Gave you an upvote. 😭

      It absolutely drives me crazy. I use a theme called GeneratePress and spent some time trying to figure out how to hack it to get rid of it. I have a vague recollection of even succeeding but then it coming back after an update. Getting rid of Google is easier said than done, and your reminder is another kick in the pants to push this up on my priority list. Thank you!

      EDIT: fixed! Unfortunately GeneratePress makes it difficult to use custom self-hosted fonts, so for now I will just live with a slightly uglier website. EDIT2: there is a way! 🙌

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        Just for the log: it was a joke!

        But I get your point and nice that now it is fixed! (;