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    There’s another important reason, that the article doesn’t mention. In spite of exceptions not being necessary, they are still used in release mode. And LLVM uses “zero-cost” exceptions, which are rather bloaty.

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      Are you speaking about Rust or C++ here?

      While currently, in Rust, landing pads and such are included, in nightly you can compile with an abort instead. That said, it wasn’t in the article.

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      I’d like to read this, but the heavy weight font and tight margins makes it quite difficult :(

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        A good use for Firefox’s reading mode! http://i.imgur.com/ImXJFD6.png

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          I’ve found that these reader mode in browsers never enable themselves when you want to, and only seem to offer them in places where it mangles the content.

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            Which browsers?

            Firefox reading mode never enables itself. If it detects the page is “article-like” it presents a button which you can press to opt-into reading mode.

            It’s not perfect, and some pages don’t work well with it, but the vast majority do. I use it all the time.

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              I don’t get why it doesn’t show the button all the time, I’ll decide if/which pages I want to screw up thanks.

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                When it doesn’t work, the page typically appears blank. This would be frustrating if it happened all the time, so I appreciate the browser not showing me the option when it knows it won’t work.

                It doesn’t mangle the page, so much as copy the text content into a new page.

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                  This usually happens when the only “semantic” element on a webpage is <div>

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            Try pasting this in your console: document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].style["margin"] = "0 auto"