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    When doing note taking, I really like just taking a bunch of screenshots and pasting it in there. I’ve found a good balance between wanting that and not wanting to deal with stuff by using Joplin (which is its own format, but it’s OSS, and the syncing works well for me).

    It’s helpful that I don’t try and take my notes and use them directly in other programs. For example, I’ll write up a blog post, but I’ll just take the text and paste it into a file and then do some copywriting in there.

    Ultimately it’s very helpful to have a very lightweight note taking tool that still has support for at least basic formatting (there’s a reason word processors were the PC killer app), cuz when you’re competing against super free-form pen+paper being super rigid is going to be a big negative (for me at least)

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      I agree. I almost never type out my notes for this reason, it feels too restricting compared to pen+paper.