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Perhaps mildly interesting. I re-discovered both Fennel and Hammerspoon, and have written my configuration for the latter in the nice hosted-LISP that Fennel provides. Might be useful for someone else.

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    (responding to myself) – and after searching a bit more I find this – https://github.com/agzam/spacehammer which is amazing if a bit more complex to understand.

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      Never heard of Hammerspoon before. This is great! Thanks for sharing. Also go fennel-lang!

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      Wow. I’ve been using hammerspoon for a few years, but today I learned about URLDispatcher. That’s going to save me so many browser tabs with Zoom meetings!

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        this specific use case was my exact motivation for heading down this path.

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          I set it up yesterday and already it’s saved me whole minutes! Thanks for figuring out the chrome profile selection logic, that works like a charm (:

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            minutes! pay it forward :-)

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              Fixed link

              The Chrome profile logic is awesome!

              I’ve combined that with URLDispatcher, and it looks like this.