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    I am not really a fan of submissions about Terry–feels too much like looking at a person with a problem and gawking.

    By all means, submit content about TempleOS or his technology, but this sort of thing is not really kind. Also, tag it properly–person.

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      Ah, didn’t realize there was a person tag. I’ve added it. I see what you mean about “gawking"—I’m not sure there’s a way to get around that. I think TempleOS is incredibly interesting, but I don’t think it can be ever separated from him, it’s in a way a study in person. Thinking more on it, that does really make it hard to approach it in a way that doesn’t feel like a zoo.

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        Yeah, I think the author of this article was wrong to write it, for that reason. Not all interesting things are meant for others to consume, you know?

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        It does feel like gawking into a person’s life, but on the other hand knowing some context on him as a person does provide context to the OS and how he talks to go.

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