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    I wonder if I can convince some of my friends and colleagues to use this. The #1 thing I like about it privacy-wise isn’t even the crypto, though that’s nice, but that it seems to be a “clean” messaging app, published by a respectable organization that isn’t trying to slurp and monetize as much data about me as possible. Personally, the threat model I’m most worried about with Facebook Messenger isn’t the NSA snooping on it, but Facebook snooping on it, and this seems to bypass that.

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      Since I haven’t paid much attention to the the iOS version I didn’t realize it was released first as voice only with messaging added later. Now that TextSecure is no longer just a messaging app the name makes sense.

      Here’s a post from the Open Whisper Systems blog back in 2014:

      Signal will be a unified private voice and text communication platform for iPhone, Android, and the browser. Later this summer, Signal for iPhone will be expanded to support text communication compatible with TextSecure for Android. Shortly after, both TextSecure and RedPhone for Android will be combined into a unified Signal app on Android as well. Simultaneously, browser extension development is already under way.