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    Every time I read this author’s articles, I remember how much I love her writing style. It’s so enthusiastic, you can’t help feeling enthusiastic about the subject as well.

    Definitely good reads to remind you how interesting this field really is when you’re getting depressed about less awesome aspects of it. :)

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        Absolutely know what you mean. I only wish I could do that. :)

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        From the screenshots, it looks like she runs Ubuntu or GNOME. I bet you someone is gonna introduce her to OpenBSD at some point and she’ll write an awesome article about it.

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          Doesn’t GNOME run on OpenBSD? I’d assumed it did but I suppose it’s possible that the license prevents that.

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            It does (it’s available in packages and ports). I guess the Ubuntu assumption comes from the orange theme (which I think is the Ubuntu default).

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              Yeah, the theme is definitely Ubuntu.

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          Can we just get a Julia Evans tag?

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            She’s super-enthusiastic in person too.


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            Shout out to my second favorite dumping tool, tcpflow. Reconstructs the data stream for each connection and saves it to a file.

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              We use tcpdump every day at work, along with tshark and wireshark. Good stuff. I can’t really complain about any of it.

              Be warned, though, you might be surprised how much data gets pushed through your network. Those pcaps grow quickly!!

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                A few years ago I experimented with filtering packets with grep. The result of my experiments is netbox. It’s more of a proof-of-concept but I’m curious: what do you think about this approach?