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    Also, you can put real-names in the files and then grep your address book. :)

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      Excellent idea! Everything stays the same as I originally imagined, only extended in a transparent way (you could also store numbers, postal addresses etc)…

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        A friend complained that he could never remember even the start of email adresses. I proposed to use symlinks for that. :) (You need to add a realpath call to mailto then.)

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      I love the simplicity. Add a few git-commands and you can easily sync the address book across computers through Github.

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        Please don’t put my contact information to GitHub…

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            hmm. this is an interesting article about encrypting your external git repos and using dropbox: http://syncom.appspot.com/papers/git_encryption.txt. That would work.

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            Glad you like it!

            I’ve updated the post to include a nice mailto function for even simpler usage.

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            Is this something that exists or is this an outline of an API that you want to build?

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              This appears to be a description of an organization system for email addresses, not a tool per sé. You can implement it yourself already; it uses only common UNIX command-line tools.

              Sime has a folder “adr” containing files whose names are email addresses. He uses ls, touch, and rm to list, create, and delete those files. He wrote a shell alias mailto that opens the program mail with the email that is the name of the given file – this is presumably so you can tab-complete filenames to simulate tab-completing email addresses.

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                Couldn’t put it better myself :)

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              the nice thing Gmail does is add contacts for you automatically… I guess you could do it with Imap and a script or two.