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    I’m glad to see that they are making progress. I dream of an OS as extensible as Emacs, and I think using Guile is a step in that direction.

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      Honestly, the heavy resurgence of Guile in the GNU stack (via Guix, nearly-there Emacs integration, etc.) has me paying a lot more attention to the GNU project than I have in quite awhile. I’m excited to see where this goes.

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        Is it actually near completion in Emacs? I couldn’t find anything online about it.

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      I remember looking into Shepherd a while ago when I was considering trying GuixSD. What turned me off was the fact that, IIUC, I was simply expected to know Guile in order to configure the thing. Is that seriously right?

      I have absolutely no problem with Guile generally speaking, but learning a new language - especially learning it well - is very non-trivial. I’ve been using Emacs for 5 years now with extremely mediocre ELisp skills, and that’s totally fine by me because it’s just a regular app. Would I like to be better at it? Sure. But it’s just not a priority. On the other hand, I would be deeply uncomfortable running PID 1 with the same blasé attitude.