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I have been working on this project very long and I just wanted to share this project to get some feedback.


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    Only somewhat related: one of the best things I ever did was to hook up SMS services directly to my home server so I can text it status commands. It started as a fixed 2G GSM terminal that I had to drive with AT commands to get and receive texts, but now I have an SMS Eagle device (basically an RPi running Raspbian with a 4G modem and their front end sauce). A little pricey but even more flexible. If the network is down I can still check the status of the house sensors and the servers. Good peace of mind on the road and the prepaid plan I use isn’t exorbitant.

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      This looks really neat! Definitely going to try this.

      Though why does it require an email/imap server?

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        I think it requires imap to fetch email sent from phone using sms gateway

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        I don’t understand how this works, I would have used something like Twilio and setup a webserver for the webhooks, would have put the result of the command in a secret file (or gist) and sent a link to the logs

        But here it’s using email, so when you send a text it actually sends an email (I don’t understand how) and then you listen on specific emails and reply with the logs of the command?]

        What about commands that don’t end like less, running a server, etc?