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Any recommendations on bug tracking software? Ideally:

  • simple install (preferably self-contained, no dependencies), or a web service
  • email integration (forward an email from a user to create a new ticket)



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      I’m biased, but I genuinely think FogBugz is excellent at these. The email workflow rivals customer management software I’ve used, with customer aggregation, trivial elevation, ability to track case status through a webpage if desired, and full email-based workflow for customers (they barely even need to know they’re actually interesting with FogBugz), and you get all the other FogBugz stuff too (wiki, EBS, discussion forums, etc.). Plus it’s free for the first two users (i.e. employees who use it, not customers).

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        So if there’s just one employee that uses it, it’s completely free?

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          Yep; the whole thing is free for dev teams up to two people. You can read more details (and get a free account) at http://www.fogcreek.com/fogbugz/StudentAndStartup.html .

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        github issues seems to work fine, and it’s really convenient if you’re already using github

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          GitHub issues doesn’t do email-based support, and it requires your customers to have GitHub accounts to report bugs. That’s fine if you’re doing a random open-source project, or if you have an external system to handle the customer management side, but it’s otherwise not an acceptable bug tracker.

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            I think a lot of people upvote GitHub due to familiarity, but as a bug tracking system it’s pretty crappy compared to “real” bug tracking software.

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              Yeah, that’s pretty much a deal-breaker (forcing customers to have github accounts). Thanks for pointing that out.

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            YouTrack can do both of those.

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              If you need email integration, you should definitely try http://lighthouseapp.com/

              They did it perfectly

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                We’ve been using Lighthouse for awhile and it’s a great little application. I’m a little disappointed that the company behind it doesn’t seem to be improving it, but on the other hand, they got a lot right in the current version. Simple tracking, bulk operations, good email integration, tagging, and a straightforward API. Much simpler than JIRA overall. And it’s extremely affordable even for mid-size teams.

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                I have experience with GitHub, Bugzilla, Trac, and JIRA. I would go with either Trac (standalone) or JIRA (web service).

                JIRA feels like it’s created for developers, and is a more extendable than Trac at the cost of some setup complexity.

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                  Trello works fairly well. It’s a kanban style board. It supports both use cases.

                  If possible I recommend a physical whiteboard with stick-its.

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                    I would recommend Redmine for bug tracking - it does have email integration but I’ve not used that functionality.

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                      It is not just a bug tracker, but a simple and friendly project management software I launched this year - Hiburo. It has kanban board among other useful bug tracking features.

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                        We use gitlab (a self-hosted github “clone”) as our version control system, which has some basic (but well integrated) issue tracking.