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Siempo is a phone that minimises distractions.


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    I guess this is off topic, but I found their decision to replace all the text with images really distracting. It’s all blurry.

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      It’s hard living that HiDPI life…

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      While I appreciate their goals, I feel like there’s nothing there that couldn’t be accomplished with a well-configured installation of Android, or at most a respin thereof.

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        I think nothing in the description rules out Android with some patching in a few strategic locations.

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          The text says that Android apps would need minimal changes to run on it. I guess that means it’s an Android.

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          It looks like this is almost exactly that.

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            iPhone - iOS 10 supports 3rd party apps supplying call blacklists and the API is write-only, so apps can only inject numbers that should be blocked, they can’t see any calls you’ve made. It’s just like their API for 3rd party ad blockers, which just supply Safari with a big list of regexes, they don’t actually see URLs you load.

            One such app (can’t vouch for it): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/truecaller-spam-identification-block/id448142450?mt=8

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              Truecaller is pretty good actually. Works for android too.

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              I think I read that T-Mobile offers something along those lines. Not sure how it works or whether it is effective.

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                voicemail? how often do scammers leave messages? for that matter, i’ve noticed comcast likes to call me every week but never leaves a message, so I know it’s some crap promotion and not anything important.

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                  I haven’t had one leave a voicemail message on my mobile phone, but one thing that struck me when visiting my parents last year is how often junk callers left messages on their landline answering machine. Some of them seemed to be bots designed only to leave messages. If you picked up they’d do nothing or hang up, because they’re waiting for the answering-machine tone before they start rolling their tape. This was especially common for political junk calls, but included lots of commercial calls too.

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                  When you think about it it’s so ridiculous that this isn’t trivial on all smartphones.

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                  “We cannot solve our problems with the same devices we used when we created them.” – me

                  Can people just not turn their phones off and go outside?

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                    How would they keep up with the Facebook spam? That shit doesn’t scroll itself. And every 30th item is from someone they actually talked to in the last year!

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                    Given my experiences with Kickstarter, I’d say their plan for the product is the least important thing. The more important part is whether this team is actually capable of executing a plan to design and manufacture a complex device on schedule, and whether what they end up producing will have much to do with their ambitions, assuming they produce anything at all.

                    If they want to build something, let them seek money from actual investors, who have the resources to look into this team and what they’re realistically capable of accomplishing, and have legal recourse if they don’t actually deliver something. If they can’t do that and are seeking funding through KickStarter instead, well, draw your own conclusions about the team.

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                      I’m confused why you need a whole product for that. I have my phone configured to be very silent: calls only ring from friends, silent mode at night. No noisy notifications from social apps, I never give notification permissions.

                      Direct messages just go together the lock screen.

                      Email on pull instead of push.

                      Took me 5 minutes plus some cleanup later for apps I rarely used and missed for some reason.

                      It’s a stock iOS. What am I missing?

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                        They have the hardware silent switch wired up to disable notifications instead of just the ringer. Then I guess you flick the switch back and all the notifications arrive? It does seem more like a 30 line patch than a Kickstarter.

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                          Hm. How is that different from the software DnD mode, which is accessible from the context menu? Sure, the notes still arrive on the lock screen, but I agree with qbit there: if that’s your problem, get rid of your phone for a few hours.

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                            I guess it means you don’t get Facebook notifications while typing lobsters comments? Are they hidden in dnd mode? (Don’t use it myself.) Or maybe it’s an android problem?

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                        I looked through their FAQ and everything and I still cannot figure out if they are compatible with the Play Store which would be very strange and make this difficult to sell.

                        They say they only “support” SMS/MMS which, if you literally cannot use Facebook, then that’s going to be an immediate deal-breaker for most people.

                        I think I’ll stick to Do Not Disturb.

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                          The text says existing apps need modifications, so probably not.

                          They say you can’t use those apps at first until the vendor modifies them, but I think it is wishful thinking to hope for that.

                          It seems like they implement their own permission system.

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                          Personally I prefer the light phone approach, seems much more effective I think. (Disclaimer: I don’t have one yet)