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    Misses two of my favourite things:

    systat gives a curses updating view of a bunch of things. For example systat -ifstat 1 updates once per second and shows network load.

    ^T in any tool sends SIGINFO. Most tools that have long-running behaviour will print what they’re doing. For example, tar or cp will show what they’re copying and how far they are. I don’t know how people use the Linux command-line without this.

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      Some other commands only available on FreeBSD are:

      • gstat
      • gstat -p
      • sockstat
      • sockstat -l -4
      • top -m io -o total
      • top -m io
      • drill
      • gpart
      • geom disk list
      • procstat
      • systat -vm
      • ktrace
      • kdump
      • sade
      • bsdconfig