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    As someone that often switches between VSCode for it’s fantastic Javascript support and extension ecosystem, and Neovim for it’s speed/terminal integration and obviously better vim support, this is certainly an interesting project. I’ll definitely be giving it a try, so thanks to the author!

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      Nice, I wonder if the same approach can work for kakoune.

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        I’ve been using vscode on Linux for a few years now, which surprises the heck out of me for a number of reasons.

        I use very little of its full functionality and instead basically use it as a fancy GUI for vim, via the VSCode Vim extension: https://github.com/VSCodeVim/Vim. As a multi-decade user of vim, this extension is impressively complete, I don’t miss of real vim from it. I was actually under the impression that the VSCode Vim extension was using neovim under the hood but that does not seem to be the case. I will have to check out the linked extension to see if I like as much or better.

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          VSCodeVim can use NeoVim under the hood—and back when I was using [Neo]Vim, that’s how I used it. You just need to toggle two settings and you’re there. In general, I found it worked fairly well as long as you don’t have too many plugins; IIRC, I hit some weird issues around having jedi + the Visual Studio Python plugin + NeoVim all running at once. But if you aren’t a heavy plugin user, it works great, and meant that my custom NeoVim keybindings just kinda worked.

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            I should mention the onivim 2 project then, as it uses neovim under the hood and is based on Reason/ocaml to compile to native code.

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              Oni2 is a cool project, but it has actually changed to use libvim instead of Neovim, primarily due to issues with integrating the Neovim build with Oni2’s OCaml-based build/getting everything to build on Windows. The Oni2 author explains more here: https://github.com/onivim/libvim#why-is-libvim-based-on-vim-and-not-neovim

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                Thanks for the update ; I did not know that and it’s an interesting read about they integrate this way.

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                Looks pretty interesting, I will have to check it out.