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      Aside from being in the VPN space, how are they a shady business?

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        That’s like saying “Besides the fact he’s a horrible criminal, he’s really a good person.” — I’d argue the entire industry is a cesspool.

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        I was never a fan of their ircd-seven or many other things going on there. This might make me look into https://www.oftc.net seriously again, and other alternatives that exist.

        While I use the freenode network, I really don’t feel comfortable supporting it further if it’s connected with anyone in the VPN business, an entire industry which survives on false promises (aka lies) — and enabling piracy.

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        I wonder how/if freenode is going to change significantly

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          It mostly wont. Primarily, two changes are happening:

          1. we’re getting a bit more funding for things we’re needing funding for, and
          2. Christel, our current head of staff, will be able to spend more time working on freenode-related work

          Hopefully both of these will lead to us being better able to serve our users.

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            A while back I was looking to donate to freenode when they were hit by some network attacks and found they weren’t set up to accept donations–I wonder if this will change?

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              Yeah IMO the fact that it’s being kept as a not for profit says a lot. Private Internet legally CAN’T use it for commercial purposes.

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            Mmh. Why does PIA not like the community-run and non-profit ISP I use?

            Your ISP: Individual Network Berlin e.V. You are not protected Learn More »

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              Because PIA is a VPN provider, and VPN providers are in the snakeoil and fearmongering business.

              EDIT: To be clear, this isn’t just a random rant. I mean this entirely seriously. The entire VPN provider industry runs on lies and misrepresentations about what a VPN service does, exactly. It’s nothing more than a proxy, with all the same security and privacy issues: https://gist.github.com/joepie91/5a9909939e6ce7d09e29

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                Pretty much dead on. They’ll only change that line if they see that you’re coming from one of their VPN servers. Anything else and “You are not protected.”

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                  And the irony is that I connect to my ISP via VPN :)