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    w00t! Very happy to see this. Thanks for the effort, @chr4!

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      FYI: I’ve added support for embedded syntax highlighting for ERB/ Jinja templates and LUA.

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        Direct github link for those who want to install it yesterday: https://github.com/chr4/nginx.vim

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          Suggestions: remove devops tag, remove site title at end.

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            Please just use the formal suggest feature for this, so these comments can stop polluting stories.

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              I do these for new contributors who might not know the proper way to format submissions, and for people to know what tags are appropriate, though I admit I was unclear here on why devops should be removed. (In this case, it should be because the post isn’t really about devops, though that’s a vague tag anyways.)

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                if you just change it, they get a notification that someone changed it. If that happens enough times, hopefully they get the picture.