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    I feel like the repository (and docs) could use examples.

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      Promoting tool that creates “beautiful” graphic without any showcase is at least weird.

      EDIT: Assuming that author uses this tool on their own blog it looks like that.

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        I think it is more like that, given that the autor has mentioned the author of the original idea (???) in a tweet, and I have found this repo under that name. And the graphic seems pretty similar to the one shown in the original repo.

        But how did it all happen, is this copied or what… I do not have an idea…

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          algoheader is a CLI frontend to the ascii-to-svg library that does a couple things that simplify/automate using that library. It’s listed in the dependencies, but I’ll update the README to feature that gem more prominently so that there’s no confusion.

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          Haven’t had a chance to update my blog with any of the generated images yet, but I’ll be sure to add examples to the README.

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          Yes. Was also looking for screenshots.

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            I’ll definitely add screenshots–apologies for the oversight!

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            An alternative if you don’t like these patterns, I help maintain geo_pattern. It’s originally from Github, and generates a variety of different patterns from a seed value. Also written in Ruby!