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      From what I can tell, this is very similar to what you get when you turn on Cloud NAT in GCP and decline to give your servers public addresses. Not the tagging bit (although I think you could accomplish something like it using multiple private subnets each with their own cloud NAT router/s), but the basic idea and the port slicing technique.

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      Use of the term “eyeball” here is pretty offputting. If that’s what they want as their internal terminology, that’s fine, but maybe use different words on your public post?

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        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyeball_network https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Eyeballs

        Okay, “slang”. The problem is this is the most sensible term here. Think about alternatives:

        • “users” -> what users, cloudflare users? people using websites on cloudflare?
        • “customers” -> similar, our customers or our customers customers?
        • “humans” -> misleading (what about crawlers)
        • “endpoints” -> … initiating or terminating connections?

        And so on. Like it or not, “eyeball” is the best term here, and is pretty much a standard term in networking.