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    Haven’t upgraded yet, but I’ve become a big fan of Regolith after being an i3 user for years, experimenting with adding just a little touch of desktop environment features to my tiling wm setup.

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      Regolith has been my daily driver ever since I learned about it a few months ago (prior to Regolith it was Xubuntu base with custom i3 install, or Fedora w/XFCE base with same custom i3 install). Regolith especially excels for laptops, having that little touch of DE integration makes things like function keys, suspend, etc. Just Work. All this without losing a minimal i3 environment, where I had to spend exactly zero time setting it up. I couldn’t be happier!

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        Reminds me of PaperWM, but from the other direction.

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          I’ve been working / using over the last 8 years~ an Ubuntu respin called minos that is configured to use i3 for common tasks, http://javier.io/blog/en/2018/08/22/minos-a-tiling-wm-linux-distro.html , https://github.com/minos-org , if you’re into minimalist systems this may give you some fun hours

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            This sounds fantastic. I struggled for a while to build a Sway desktop on Ubuntu 18.04 in a vain quest to have my i3-like tiling in Wayland - this isn’t Wayland, but it does look like a great anti tide for configuration burnout hell.