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    Caddyserver can do this too FWIW and from what I’ve heard there are already a few people using it.

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      Got the same comment over at /r/webdev, so I’m just going to copy/paste my response.

      I know of caddy and looked into using it a while ago. However, i don’t like how it seems to be focused on building websites with caddy and its templates and caddy files and such, as that clashes with how I do things. I prefer to just have one process which forwards requests to other internal web servers. I’m sure caddy can do that, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be the main focus. Because I have each website be a separate process with its own HTTP server, it’s also useful to be able to have the web proxy be able to launch and manage those processes when it starts up instead of creating a systemd unit file for each of them or use a separate process manager thing.

      They also had that whole post about how they see using caddy for free as a trial and would prefer people to pay for it. I certainly respect that, but am not going to pay for it any time soon, considering I could write it myself instead.