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    I enjoyed this! It’s not even an argument against systemd’s functionality, it’s an argument against placing a complex program with many different failure modes at the heart of your operating system.

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      Like the kernel?

      Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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        One of the the things I loved about the BeOS was that had a microkernel style architecture where, the filesystem, networking and a variety of other subsystems could crash without taking down the rest of the machine. It was the first time I ever regularly used an OS with those properties.

        While monolithic kernels can be faster than microkernel style (pure or otherwise) ones, I think the advantages in stability outweigh that speed. Its been really sad to see linux distros (particularly ubuntu) move more and more into packing tons of functionality into the processes that either need restarts to upgrade or affect the overall stability of the system.

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          The only thing worse than a system that depends on a complex program with many different failure modes is a system that depends on two of them.

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        loading veryyyy slow for me. Coral cache link: http://ewontfix.com.nyud.net/14/